Program day 1, May 14th 

Key - Color codes:

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Sales & Supply chains, stock, etc.
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Production, maintenance
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International roll-out
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All, project, management

09:00 - 09:20

Infoteam's chairman welcomes you

09:20- 10:00

A choice of SaaS solutions is an important technical issue, but it is primarily a key component of a modern business strategy.

Bo Hjort Christensen, Civil Engineer/Business Economist. Corporate advisor and college lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School, Department of Management and Organization


10:00 - 10:30

Infor today and in the future. 

Johan Made, Senior Vice President, Infor


10:30 - 10:45


10:45 - 11:30

Infor M3 strategy

Infor's general strategy for the development of applications and the importance of this for Infor's M3 customers.

Ole Rasmussen, Sr. Director, Product Management, Infor


11:30 - 12:30

Lunch and visits to the exhibition area

12:30 - 13:15

We split in to tracks:


A10: Workshop 1: With focus on Infor OS - Move to H5

We start this workshop, which consists of 3 parts (A10 - A12), by discussing, giving tips and giving advice on how to use H5 and Homepages in practice.

Magnus Tallqvist, Infor and Jens Andersson, Columbus, are responsible for the implementation of this workshop, A10 - A12.

Meeting room: Terminal 1

B10: Workshop 2: With focus on basic data management in M3

Keeping your own house in order and controlling basic data is very important for efficient operation and, at least, when we are moving our business solution into the cloud. We cover the subject and within 3 school hours of this day we will focus on the following:

  • A brief summary from Infoteam's theme day earlier this year. Particularly in relation to management, phasing in and out of articles, organizing, etc.
  • Experiences about how to handle basic data at one of our member companies.
  • How is the basic data selection handled in your company? We share, discuss and learn about others' experiences.

Atle Feldt, Senior Consultant og Trond Anton Bukholm, Senior Consultant, Infor/Merit, is responsible for the implementation of this workshop.

Meeting room: Terminal 2

C10: Infor Support Portal - Xtreme

Review of the Xtreme portal. What information exists and how do I find it? Overview of open and closed cases, documentation and manuals etc

Urban Bäckman, Sr. Manager Support Operations, Infor

Meeting room: Terminal 3

D10: IT audit in M3 and how to be SOD compatible

A presentation of how the M3 security module works with regard to users, roles and functions, as well as how this can be made more efficient with Vince Security Center. In addition, there is a review of how to be SOD-compatible. SOD = Segregation of Duty - internal control to secure against errors and scams.

Ole Martin Holt Jacobsen, IT-arkitekt, Varner & Thormod Berger, Product Director, Vince.

Meeting room: Terminal 4

E10: Infor M3 Analytics in M3 cloud edition

In this session you will learn about the Infor M3 Analytics in the cloud edition, including the robust functionality available in Infor Data Lake and Birst.

Alistair Stone, Product Management, Infor

Meeting room: Terminal 5

13:15 - 13:30

Break - we move

13:30 - 14:15


A11: Workshop1: Infor OS - Workflow & IDM

Workflow including trigger via events. Review of how we build new events to establish workflows.

IDM, add documents and what happens to M3. We also get an update on new functionality in M3 Cloud Edition in relation to Workflows.

Magnus Tallqvist, Infor and Jens Andersson, Columbus, are responsible for the implementation of this workshop, A10 - A12.

Meeting room: Terminal 1

B11: Workshop 2: Focus on basic data management

Experiences on handling basic data from one of our member companies.

Martin Johnsen, SkiBygg

Meeting room: Terminal 2

C11: Customer and supplier portal in M3

Based on Merit's current customer and supplier portal, new standard portals for M3 are being developed. These will be used both in the cloud and on-premise solutions. In this lecture you will hear about these and see examples from companies that use Merit's portal solution is per today.

Egil Gussiås, Sr. Manager, Software Development, Infor

Meeting room: Terminal 3

D11: Robotization and machine learning of processes in M3

Bergård Amundsen (BA) works a lot in the batch order entry with customer orders that are both deliberately stopped and orders that stop after more traditional rules.

BA, to start with, wants select orders to stop in order to secure extreme customer service by having control over what the customer has ordered and what we can deliver.

Some customers also have a clear requirement for "one order one invoice", then precautions must be taken on part of the orders.

In this presentation, you will hear about how BA will automate the batch order entry using tools from Infor Extensibility Toolbox. Web app (H5), Event Hub/Analytics, custom tables in M3 with logging, among others will be used. In practice, this is one step on the way to thinking a variant of RPA and machine learning in order to streamline the process and improve the service level of BA's customers. The project also has a clear focus on the M3 Cloud approach in practice.

Olaf-Terje Hansen, Berggård Amundsen and Espen Johnsen, Vince

Meeting room: Terminal 4

E11: CANCELED Technical Insights: A deeper dive into M3 Cloud

A technical session focused on the platform changes, integration methods, administration tooling and early preview of upcoming technical features for M3 Cloud Edition.

Andrew Woodward, VP, Software Development, Infor

Meeting room: Terminal 5

14:15 - 14:30

Break - we move

 14:30 - 15:15

A12: Workshop 1 : Infor OS - Coleman

About Infor AI - Coleman including how we build new Coleman expertise. We also get updates and introduction to Data lake and other news from Infor.

Magnus Tallqvist, Infor and Jens Andersson, Columbus, are responsible for the implementation of this workshop, A10 - A12.

Meeting room: Terminal 1

B12: Workshop 2: Focus on basic data management

How is basic data managed in your business? We share, discuss and learn about others' experiences.

Trond Anton Bukholm, Senior Consultant and Atle Feldt, Senior Consultant, Infor

Meeting room: Terminal 2

C12: Infor M3, from On-Premise to Cloud

Gartner Group believes that more than 95% of European companies will move their business systems to the "cloud" over the next few years. The questions about what it entails, what it entails of work and what it takes to get there are becoming more and more relevant.

Johan Sørensen, Client Partner, Infor

Møterom: Terminal 3

D12: Easy bulk update and maintenance of basic data

Listen to how to simplify mass update of data in M3 so that all employees can take care of the update on their own without having to charge the IT department. And even better, without having to hire external consultants.

Jonas Antfolk, eCraft together with John Aspnäs, CIO, Snellmann Oy (on Skype)

Meeting room: Terminal 4

E12: Factory Track - Warehouse Mobility for M3

We will present the new version 7 of Infor Factory Track. This new version of Factory Track provides lots of enhancements to better support mobile data capture across your warehousing and manufacturing processes.

Listen to news on:

  • New features and functions supporting new processes across the supply chain.
  • Enhancments to how you can better tailor the application to meet your needs.
  • Our experiences and customer reflections on using various types of end-user devices.

Patrik Sjøberg, Sr. Product Management, Infor

Meeting room: Terminal 5

15:15 - 16:00


15:45 - 16:30

CANCELED! Life Beyond Software-as-a-Service.

Buying Software-as-a-Service introduces changes to an organization, especially as it prepares to be "Cloud Ready". In this session, we will discuss helpful hints of what you need to consider going forward, how to interact with Infor along the way, and what should be expected in the process. 
Andrew Woodward, VP Software Developement, Infor

16:00 - 17:00

We summarize the day in the form of a round table discussion

Bo Hjort Christensen leads us through the session in collaboration with Ole Rasmussen. Some of the topics in the lecture will be included in this discussion. Round table, flip-over.
Bo Hjort Christensen, Sivilingeniør/Bedriftsøkonom
Terminal 1 - 2

17:15 - 18:15

Infoteam's annual meeting

Terminal 1 - 2

19:30 --

Mingle and drink in the exhibition area with subsequent dinner and entertainment.

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