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Enrollment is done by using the red enrollment button. We ask that you be careful when entering your billing address and company name so that we send the invoice to the correct location.

Conference fee

The board of course wants as many people as possible to attend this digital conference. We therefore offer a conference fee per. member company. For this price, the company can sign up to many participants as one wishes. Ie one invoice per company. The conference fee is based on the size of the company in the same way as the membership fee.

In this way, the persons of interest can participate as much or as little as one wishes.

Price per member company Price
Level 1: Revenue up to 750 mill 2.500, -
Level 2:Revenue 750 million - 1 billion 5,000 -
Level 3:Revenue 1 - 2 billion 7,500 -
Level 4:Revenue 2 billion and up 10.000, -

The conference fee for Infoteam Days 2020 digitally has nothing to do with previously communicated prices and invoices for ITD2020. Everything that has to do with the original Info Team days (which was canceled) should now be settled. Ie new invoices have been credited and issued in accordance with. previously distributed information.

Help - my company is not a member of Infoteam!
If your company is not yet a member of Infoteam then it is easy to do something about it. Sign up via the link here. There is free membership this year so the first invoice for the membership fee will come in 2021.



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