Infor Concierge - Customer touchpoints in a Single Portal.

 Infor Concierge is a powerful self-service tool for customers that simplifies access to important sites, content, and resources within Infor. Infor Concierge is intuitive, with a modern look and feel and is available 24 x 7 for no additional fee to all customers who are on a current Infor Maintenance or Subscription contract.

Developed in partnership with the Infor Customer Experience Board, a global board of customers representing multiple products who work closely with Infor to deliver Customer Experience improvements, this tool provides Infor customers with access to updates on support incidents, quick views and voting on product enhancements, dates and information on product-specific education classes and webinars, and one place to find all product documentation. By having customers weigh in on design specification, development, testing and approvals, Infor was able to infuse the voice of the customer directly into Infor Concierge.

Infor Concierge was developed using Infor Ming.le™ which provides role-based home pages with widgets that display information from multiple ERP systems all in one place. Every user can personalize their home screen, have instant access to information about their Infor services and solutions at any time, and control exactly who within the organization can view what information. In addition, users can connect with other users in Infor Communities and e-mail or call designated Infor contacts from within the application.

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